Istanbul, Dubai

Think Prive, Cross Overseas Think Prive, Cross Overseas Prive Shipping is a specialized transportation company that has been established and operated under Prive Holding in Istanbul, Turkey by fully qualified Marine and Maritime experts with long experience and know-how in the Marine Business.

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Customers and Safety First

We put safety first. No compromises. Contributing to a sustainable business, environment and community, we have created a truly customer centric culture and after safety, the customer is at the center of our business and their satisfaction is the key to our success.


A core value at Prive Shipping is sustainability as it ensures a commitment to safety and environmental practices.

We expect that our customers evaluate us based on our commitment to and management of a broad range of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.
We also believe that having a powerful and credible ESG strategy is becoming a competitive differentiator that can positively affect our ongoing access to broad business opportunities. Sustainability is part of our DNA in short.